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The beginning of the end for PISSI's territory in Syria and Iraq has unleashed a conflict between the US, Russia, Iran, and their various local clients over the spoils.

I would guess that the US participation in Salafi Arabia's bombardment of Yemen, and the provocations between Salafi Arabia + supports and Iran + supporters, are part of this.

I feel no sympathy for any of the groups of plutocrats that want to fight about this. It is not worth a war.

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The Pentagon keeps its eyes firmly shut in regard to civilian casualties from its bombings, then reports that it has seen no evidence of any.

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The copyright industry want to use the renegotiation of NAFTA to increase copyright oppression in Canada, Mexico and the US.

You can tell they are up to no good by their use of the confusion-spreading term "intellectual property".

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Norway will eliminate its foreign aid to Brazil if Brazil does not stop deforestation.

That was on Friday. Perhaps that's why President Temer decided to let a model convince him not to sign the bill that would allow a lot more deforestation.

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Seattle's law that raises the minimum wage has not led to reduced employment.

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The troll admits that his talk of taping conversations with Comey was a lie for intimidation's sake.

Too bad. Those tapes could have inculpated him.

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Lessons of 2016 for U.S. Election Security.

Given the resistance that Jill Stein encountered when trying to get recounts in the 2016 election, we can't trust computerized optical ballot counters in the US.

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I am looking for people to experiment to find good ways to attach fruits to a Grav-mass tree.

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The carbon tax measure supported by polluters disguises a plan to eliminate their liability for all the damage they have done.

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The thug that killed helpless Sylville Smith was acquitted.

There was no need to shoot Smith again, since he had thrown away his gun. But since he had been a real threat less than 2 seconds before, perhaps the verdict was justified.

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Russian Priest Tells Men Not to Shave to 'Protect From Homosexuality'

Metropolitan Kornily, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church (RPSC), said that men with beards were less likely "corrupted" by same-sex relationships.

"God set down certain rules. The Lord created everyone with a beard. No man can resist his creator," Kornily told Russia's National News Service. "It's made a monstrous thing to see men's clothing and hairstyles changing."

Metropolitan Kornily also lamented that the beard's special status had "completely disappeared from the Catholic West."

Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first head of state to visit an Old Believer church in 350 years when he visited the RSPC Rogozhsky spiritual center in Moscow in May 2017.

National News Service:

"God gave us the rules: it is written that the Lord created everyone with a beard. And the Catholic West completely disappeared from this concept. But this is unequivocal: on icons we can not imagine Christ or any saint without a beard. A person should not resist his creator. Sodomy from this and it went: changing men's clothing, hairstyles".

@meakoopa: "That a person named 'Reality Winner' is ruining the life of someone named 'Beauregard Sessions' is how you know we live in a rough draft."

To that list we must now add "Metropolitan Kornily (Primate)".

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I just released the first release candidate for libinput 1.8. Aside from the build system switch to meson one of the more visible things is that the helper tools have switched from a "libinput-some-tool" to the "libinput some-tool" approach (note the space). This is similar to what git does so it won't take a lot of adjustment for most developers. The actual tools are now hiding in /usr/libexec/libinput. This gives us a lot more flexibility in writing testing and debugging tools and shipping them to the users without cluttering up the default PATH.

There are two potential breakages here, one is that the two existing tools libinput-debug-events and libinput-list-devices have been renamed too. We currently ship compatibility wrappers for those but expect those wrappers to go away with future releases. The second breakage is of lesser impact: typing "man libinput" used to bring up the man page for the xf86-input-libinput driver. Now it brings up the man page for the libinput tool which then points to the man pages of the various features. That's probably a good thing, it puts the documentation a bit closer to the user. For the driver, you now have to type "man 4 libinput" though.

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DNA Lounge update, wherein we're currently not doing deliveries, because Uber sucks.
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Isn't that handy? Because I totally wanted to turn PasswordAuthentication back on, and allow logins from any account.

Thanks, Apple. You're a pal.

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Please enjoy jwz mixtape 184.

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Planet Debian upstream is hosted by Branchable.