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DNA Lounge update, wherein we hurry up and wait.
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It was tricky, but I finally managed to fap to this.

I lied. It wasn't tricky at all.

Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.

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DeepStereo: Learning to Predict New Views from the World's Imagery

Flynn and co's new approach is to train a machine vision algorithm to work out what the new image should look like having been trained on a vast dataset of sequential images.

They trained their algorithm using "images of street scenes captured by a moving vehicle." Indeed, they use 100,000 of these sequences as a training data set.

They then tested it by removing one frame from a sequence of Street View images and asking it to reproduce it by looking only at the other images in the sequence. Finally, they compare the synthesized image with the one that was removed, giving them a kind of gold standard to contrast it with.

The results are impressive. "Overall, our model produces plausible outputs that are difficult to immediately distinguish from the original imagery," say Flynn and co.


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Except that they aren't actually selling a printer. That's not their business model.

It comes with a $75/month subscription fee, because their actual business model is "capture your customers' personal information so that they can turn your customers into their product."

Remember when companies used to try to make money by selling you things, instead of by selling you out?

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It's basically a commercial for Autodesk, but funny...

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The UK intentionally let exporters continue selling equipment for Saddam Hussein's poison gas factory in the 1980s.

Posted Tue Jul 7 10:30:12 2015 Tags:

TISA Leaks Part Deux: More Evidence of Concerted Attack on Democracy.

More information.

Posted Tue Jul 7 10:30:12 2015 Tags:

US citizens: phone the White House at 855-980-5638 and call for making federal contractors disclose their political spending.

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Two brothers imprisoned for decades because Cleveland thugs bullied a child into testifying against them are suing the city and those thugs.

It is too bad that the thugs won't have to personally pay if the victims win.

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A study predicts severe damage to ocean life by 2050 if we don't stop increasing CO2 levels.

Much sooner, a large nuclear waste depository in the Marshall Islands is going to be breached by the rising sea level.

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We must set a goal of (roughly) zero greenhouse gas emissions, in a decade or two, not a century.

(I understand this as meaning zero net emissions, counting what the Earth can absorb in a steady state.)

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Tunisia's terrorist threat comes from local jihadis who fought in other countries and then returned. Often they train in Libya.

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Aerial attacks on PISSI in Syria can't do much good in the absence of a ground force that can fight PISSI in Syria.

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Prominent UK politicians ask Obama to free Shaker Aamer.

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Bernie Sanders stands up for Greece against the euro-banks.

He has done this before and he continues to do so.

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