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Part 1 of the Dataverse Chronicles

You uplink into a pervert club, one of the many sin joints littered across the cybercity. Around you dance netheads, sex downloaders, gulch manglers, and all other types of indecent sickos. Freed from the constraints of reality, they meet here to engage in their darkest desires. It's a seedy dive, but a good spot to meet criminal employers.

    > Order a drink and wait for a mysterious employer to approach you.

The pervert club's waitress glides up and greets you with a cheerfully synthetic smile. "What drink would you like me to shit for you?" she asks.

    > Piña colada.

    > Excuse me, did you say you were going to shit a drink for me?

"Yes, we're all rude perverts here, so shit is a thing we like. It's the fecal sensation we can't get enough of. Everything on the menu gets squeezed out of my simulated ass. Do you still want a drink?"

    > Sure, I guess.

    > Ew, no thanks.

The waitress climbs up onto the bar, squats down, and, with a moan of gross pleasure, craps out a piña colada. You take a sip. It's not bad.

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I am looking for people to write site-specific Firefox extensions or local scripts to operate specific web sites.

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An AT&T WiFi hotspot was found to inject ads into browsing of unrelated web sites.

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Transcanada wants to export tar sands oil through the Bay of Fundy.

A single spill of highly toxic bitumen could destroy the marine life.

Even the noise from the numerous tankers' engines would harm the endangered right whales that live there.

If the bitumen comes from tar sands, its extraction (done with strip mines) destroys wide reaches of land, and burning it contributes to global heating disaster. So many bad consequences can avoided simply by not extracting the tar sands.

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More about how the coal-funded "Energy and Environment Legal Institute" harasses real climate scientists.

The funded denialists are the other end of the pincers.

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One county in Georgia admitted to Organized disenfranchisement of black voters, but surely it's not the only one.

Whereas Alabama, which requires a driver's license or similar ID to vote, is talking about closing most of the driver's license offices. The wealthy will be able to afford to get a driver's license. Pesky poor people won't.

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The UK's planned repression against unauthorized immigrants is perfect for facilitating enslavement of immigrants.

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Ferguson has agreed to change some of the policies that systematically lead poor people into heavy fines and jail.

I don't think this means that the recently prosecuted protesters will be let off.

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An analysis of the pit Gaza is stuck in, which seems to offer no way out.

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Alaska's law defines prostitution as "sex trafficking" and says that the prostitute is a victim of that "crime". As a result, prostitutes can be prosecuted for "trafficking" each other, or themselves.

I don't know whether to describe this law as lying or delusional.

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As soon as PISSI's suicide bomb went off, in a group of Turkish Kurds and leftists that were headed for Kobani, Turkish thugs began attacking them.

The survivors are convinced that the thugs made a joint plan with PISSI.

Turkey helped PISSI plenty before.

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This is an update on our efforts to upgrade the TLS stack in Mono.

You can skip to the summary at the end if you do not care about the sausage making details.

Currently, TLS is surfaced in a few places in the .NET APIs:

  • By the SslStream class, which is a general purpose class that can be used to turn any bidirectional stream into an TLS-powered stream. This class is what currently powers the web client in Mono.
  • By the HttpWebRequest class, which provides .NET's HTTP client. This in turn is the foundation for the modern HttpClient, both the WCF and WebServices stacks as well as the quick and dirty WebClient API.

HttpClient is in particular interesting, as it allows for different transports to be provided for it. The default implementation in .NET 4.5 and Mono today is to use an HttpWebRequest-based implementation. But on Windows 10, the implementation is replaced with one that uses WinRT's HTTP client.

Microsoft is encouraging developers to abandon HttpWebRequest and instead adopt HttpClient as it both async-friendly and can use the best available transport given on a specific platform. More on this in a second.

Mono's Managed TLS

Mono currently only supports TLS 1.0.

This is the stack that powers SslStream and HttpWebRequest.

Last year we started an effort to bring managed implementations of TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1. Given how serious security has become and how many holes have been found in existing implementation, we built this with an extensive test suite to check for conformance and to avoid common exploits found in implementation mistakes of TLS. This effort is currently under development and you can see where it currently lives at mono-tls module.

This will give us complete TLS support for the entire stack, but this work is still going to take a few months to audit.

Platform Specific HttpClients

Most of the uses for TLS today is via the HTTP protocol, and not over custom TLS streams. This means that it is more important to get an HTTP client that supports a brand new TLS stack, than it is to provide the SslStream code.

We want to provide native HttpClient handlers for all of Mono's supported platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, BSD, Unix and Windows.

On iOS: Today Xamarin.iOS already ships a native handler, the CFNetworkHandler. This one is powered by Apple's CFNetwork stack. In recent years, Apple has improved their networking stack, and we now I strongly recommend using Paul Bett's fantastic ModernHttpClient which uses iOS' brand new NSUrlSession and uses OkHttp on Android.

On Android: in the short term, we recommend adopting ModernHttpClient from Paul Betts (bonus points: the same component works on iOS with no changes). In the long term, we will change the default handler to use the Android Java client.

In both cases, you end up with HTTP 2.0 capable clients for free.

But this still leaves Linux, Windows and other assorted operating systems without a regular transport.

For those platforms, we will be adopting the CoreFX handlers, which on Unix are powered by the libcurl library.

This still leaves HttpWebRequest and everything built on top of it running on top of our TLS stack.

Bringing Microsoft's SslStream and HttpWebRequest to Mono

While this is not really TLS related, we wanted to bring Microsoft's implementations of those two classes to Mono, as they would fix many odd corner cases in the API, and address limitations in our stack that do not exist in Microsoft's implementation.

But the code is tightly coupled to native Windows APIs which makes the adoption of this code difficult.

We have built an adaptation layer that will allow us to bring Microsoft's code and use Mono's Managed TLS implementation.

SslStream backends

Our original effort focused on a pure managed implementation of TLS because we want to ensure that the TLS stack would work on all available platforms in the same way. This also means that all of the .NET code that expects to control every knob of your secure connection to work (pinning certificates or validating your own chains for example).

That said, in many cases developers do not need this capabilities, and in fact, on Xamarin.iOS, we can not even provide the functionality, as the OS does not give users access to the certificate chains.

So we are going to be developing at least two separate SslStream implementations. For Apple systems, we will be implementing a version on top of Apple's SSL stack, and for other systems we will be developing an implementation on top of Amazon's new SSL library, or the popular OpenSSL variant of the day.

These have the advantage that we would not need to maintain the code, and we benefit from third parties doing all the hard security work and will be suitable for most uses.

For those rare uses that like to handle connections manually, you will have to wait for Mono's new TLS implementation to land.

In Summary

Android, Mac and iOS users can get the latest TLS for HTTP workloads using ModernHttpClient. Mac/iOS users can use the built-in CFNetworkHandler as well.

Soon: OpenSSL/AppleSSL based transports to be available in Mono (post Mono 4.2).

Soon: Advanced .NET SSL use case scenarios will be supported with Mono's new mono-tls stack

Soon: HttpWebRequest and SslStream stacks will be replaced in Mono with Microsoft's implementations.

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DNA Lounge update, wherein the plywooding continues.
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How is this koo-koo krazypants getting a cover story?

I mean, I love apocalyptic illuminati conspiracy fiction as much as the next guy -- ok, a lot more than the next guy, because that guy's a sheeple -- but come on.

Slow news week? Ran out of Dirt Rave stories already?

We should be so lucky as to have a vast, faceless meta-governmental conspiracy that was competent enough to pull this off. It would mean that adults were in charge. Or Gods.

A thumbnail sketch of the science behind chemtrails is difficult because there are competing theories about what that science entails. But most activists, including Roddie, agree that curbing global warming seems to be the purpose. In layman's terms, chemtrails are believed to be an aerosol that contains aluminum (which deflects sunlight), as well as a cocktail of other toxic elements such as barium and strontium. According to Roddie, this aerosol has insidious side effects, including Alzheimer's, autism, asthma, respiratory failure, pulmonary failure, and stroke.

Another major side effect: California's historic drought. [...]

Hall says she protects herself as best she can, but as a gardener, she works outside every day and is vulnerable. She no longer drives with her windows down, she says, and she bought a water filter to sift out impurities. Occasionally, she detoxes from the heavy metals in her blood by taking supplements such as chlorella, zeolite powder, and bentonite clay. She also eats as much cilantro as she can, which assuages metallic contamination, she claims.

Rumors of sickness and bodily mutation run rampant through the chemtrails community. Hall mentions a fellow activist who tested her dog's blood for heavy metals and discovered thorium, a radioactive element that has been used as nuclear fuel.

She also mentions Morgellons, a controversial condition -- classified by most physicians as a delusional parasitosis -- in which people develop sores they believe to be caused by parasites, insects, or invasive synthetic fibers. In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated Morgellons among patients in Northern California, a hotbed of self-reported Morgellons diagnoses, and concluded there was "no infectious cause and no evidence of an environmental link."

Hall is unconvinced. "All of us have fibers in us because they spray them in the sky, and they're all over the ground, and they're in the soil, and they're in the water," she says. "These fibers are self-replicating nanotechnology. To me, those are the scariest words I've ever heard in my life."

Marsha Dawson, a North Bay activist who works with Roddie and Hall, agrees that chemtrails exact a disastrous human toll. She says she experiences "memory problems" and lung pain because of her exposure. Dawson drinks Fiji and Volvic water constantly because both contain silica that, she claims, loosens the aluminum particles in her body. She also finds relief in black cherry bark syrup from Whole Foods. [...]

The scope of the program Herndon envisions is mind-boggling. According to him, the fly ash is transported on railways that connect coal plants to military and civilian airports across the country. The ash is loaded onto a fleet of 1,000 or more planes, he estimates, all of which fly off-the-radar, often at night, without transponders or flight plans. These ghost planes, Herndon says, have poisoned the country and induced California's drought. He alleges that certain leafy plants in the Golden State now exhibit high concentrations of thallium -- Saddam Hussein's favorite poison for political assassinations. [...]

"Pretty much one hundred percent of people who believe in chemtrails will believe that 9/11 was an inside job and the World Trade Center was pre-rigged with explosives," West says. (In fact, prior to becoming a chemtrails activist, Roddie was involved in We Are Change, a "nonpartisan, independent media organization" that promotes the idea of a 9/11 cover-up.) [...]

As West points out, the scope of the program that Herndon suggests would implicate every meteorologist, airline pilot, and climate scientist in the world, plus a significant chunk of the Pentagon, Congress, Cabinet, and White House -- and numerous other governments and industries worldwide.

At least chemtrails are vegan. Better drink Pepsi-branded bottled water, though, just to be safe. STAY VIGILANT.

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I passed a construction site today and there was a siren that was exactly this Mariah Carrey screech. Exactly. Enjoy your earworm.

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When I built the Great Beast of Malvern, it was intended for surgery on large repositories. The specific aim in view was to support converting the NetBSD CVS to git, but that project is stalled because the political process around NetBSD’s decision about when to move seems to have seized up. I’ve got the hardware and software ready when they’re ready to move.

Now I have another repo-conversion job in the offing – and it does something I thought I’d never see. The working set exceeds 32GB! For comparison, the working set of the entire NetBSD conversion tops out at about 18GB.

What, you might well ask, can possibly have a history that huge? And the answer is…GCC. Yes, they’re looking to move from Subversion to git. And this is clearly a job for the Great Beast, once the additional 32GB I just ordered from Newegg arrives.

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baby, i know places we won't be found. the old oak growing upside-down in the backyard. the lake of human hair three miles west. canada

our song is the way you laugh, exposing row after row of venomous incisors

she's not a saint, and she's not what you think. she's an actress, whoa -- she's a vessel for forty-six gods whose names taste like cold silver

she wears high heels; all my feet are bare. she's cheer captain, and i live deep under the bleachers, watching, my mandibles gently clicking

i'm really gonna miss you picking fights, and me falling for it, disemboweling you, and stringing your intestines from the ceiling fan

got a long list of ex-lovers; they yearn to tell you i'm insane. unfortunately, none of them have mouths anymore

cause like, we hadn't seen each other in a month when you said you needed space. as per your request, i sent you to a distant nebula to rot.

i could show you incredible things: stolen kisses, pretty lies, the flimsy gauze which staunches the bleeding wound in the sky

don't you worry your pretty little mind. people throw rocks at things that shine. and pitchforks at things that crouch atop their roofs

now i'm lying on the cold hard ground. now i'm melting through it. now i'm assimilating into the magma below. trouble, trouble, trouble.

romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone. i'll be waiting. always waiting. i have poisoned and cocooned my fellow capulets to be safe

i'm not a princess. this ain't a fairytale. i'm not molting. those ain't scales hidden beneath. i swear

cause baby, i could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me. i could also absorb the bricks into my gelatinous skin as armor

never thought we'd have a last kiss. never imagined we'd end like this, cornered and quivering before these immense, slavering jaws

someday i'll be living in a big old city, feasting on the engorged and ancient creatures in the sewers, and all you're ever gonna be is mean

"Swift is positioning herself as a human acheiropoieton, something outside the dreary chain of reproductive existence."

Fine: I don't tend to make a point of parading around my naked umbilicus either. It's a revolting hole, a foetid salty lint-clogged scar, a gaping absence that's only a reminder of something irretrievably lost. With only that hole remaining the condition of humanity must always be one of absolute disconnection; we've been snipped apart from a primal unity, and it's not coming back until the day we die. Our genitals tell us that we can bring ourselves together, and even create something new; our navels whisper bitterly that we will always be alone. In the enlightened society of the future, they will always be covered; the belly button more than deserves its share of the socially mandated shame that somehow bypasses it in its mad rush southwards from nipples to pudenda. But it's not just that. The navel marks a person as a created being; by feigning for so long to be without one Taylor Swift is positioning herself as a human acheiropoieton, something outside the dreary chain of reproductive existence. A new Eve? Or something more? Something that exists now, and always has, and always will? [...]

All this, she said, was the work of none other than the award-winning Latin pop artist Enrique Iglesias, in his manifestation as Cloud-Man, an empyrean figure she seemed to identify with the God of Abraham. In the beginning, Enrique Iglesias created the heavens and the earth. It's not an uncommon belief; once you notice it you'll find it everywhere. [...]

Usually, this is where I'd rail against the coming Swiftopia, but here I don't really see the point. Taylor Swift is a grown woman and a successful recording artist; if she wants to transform herself into the fundamental substance of the entire Symbolic order that's her business, and I'm sure she'll do a decent job of it. The signifier is essentially hollow; it doesn't matter what it actually is as long as it performs its function. Taylor Swift might have to release a few less commercially-oriented albums to make all this fully possible -- one to allow the translation of Hegel into the new language, another to make sure football commentaries don't lose any of their immediate comprehensibility -- but, based on current trends, the whole process shouldn't take more than about a decade. The only question is why Taylor Swift is doing this; why she's decided to swallow the world.

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Planet Debian upstream is hosted by Branchable.