I regularly replace old links with archive.org links using my Waybackify tool. But if often fails because an error or login page got archived instead. Here's one of my favorites.

Has anyone written a tool that does a decent job of detecting when an archived page is actually an error page?

Please, I beg of you, note that I did not ask, "Do you have any suggestions on how one might write such a tool." I also did not ask whether you think the task is easy, hard, or impossible.

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At the start of the last pandemic I happened to have a huge bag of flour and a single packet of yeast and wound up living off homemade bread with a yeast culture I kept alive for a while. This is a pretty good plan for having a stockpile of food around for such an emergency, with dried rice, beans, and pasta being other good options, along with all manner of canned goods.

The good news from the experiences of the last pandemic is that although supply chains may be disrupted there will always be plenty of food. It may be necessary to drive around in tanks to crush the zombies on the road, but we’ll still have Door Dash via tank, because we aren’t savages.

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Still, it’s fun to consider what one would do to survive if all one had was an apartment or possibly a suburban lawn to get food off of. For basic calories there’s a clear winner: potatoes. Potatoes are the uber crop, able to be grown trivially and producing mass amounts of calories. They aren’t terribly nutritious, but they’ll keep you alive for a long time.

If things go long enough you’ll need a source of protein. We humans can eat practically any animal, but most of them have issues which make their domestication problematic. There are some animals which can be raised trivially under just the right conditions, for example sometimes you can build an artificial berm in the ocean and simply pick up oysters from it as they grow naturally, but for the most part the standard animals raised for meat are well the best in terms of ease of raising and yield of meat. Chickens are a ridiculous outlier in terms of yield but aren’t terribly conducive to keeping indoors. Crickets are another huge outlier in productivity and in principle can be ranched indoors but the equipment for that isn’t terribly common.

For ease of raising them indoors with occasionally letting them outside to graze there’s a clear winner: guinea pigs. The biggest problem would be people being able to bring themselves to slaughter them. Rabbits are close behind with similar slaughtering issues. Other reasonably easy animals which are bigger include goats and pigs. You’d be basically raising a petting zoo for food, which is good for having cute animals around but bad for getting attached to them.

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Sefton Delmer's propaganda messages to Germany induced Germans to doubt the validity of Hitler's propaganda. Ukrainians have learned from them.

I wonder if there is a chance of applying these methods to the delusion of trumpet propaganda. Delmer had more than a clever idea: he had the resources of the British government available to carry out the idea. There are surely Americans who could try to do something like that -- but what institution would give them a voice loud enough to be noticed?

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*Gaza airdrops might not be necessary if Israel faced more pressure on aid.*

I agree with the article, but it will be hard to make delivery of aid from Israel itself function properly. It will always be easy to make snags occur, to set up regulations that will slow the flow based on whatever pretext.

Sea delivery would avoid that problem because the aid would not pass through Israel.

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US ski resorts are losing money because global heating has reduced the amount of snowfall.

We can live without skiing, but reduced rain on farmland will make food scarce.

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It is only March, but the Texas panhandle is so hot and try that the spreading giant wildfire is hard to control. Come June, normally 25F hotter, it may spread much faster and may be totally unstoppable.

Americans, vote for climate defense!

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Robert Reich: how Democrats' abandonment of the working class and labor unions opened the door for the bullshitter to offer the white working class a bogus sense of power.

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London thugs knocked over a legal observer watching events at a rally for Palestine, leaving her unconscious and bleeding. There were 30 thugs in the group, and none of them attended to her injuries.

This was not the only recent instance of violence by thugs toward legal observers.

I can see why thugs might feel hostility towards legal observers, feeling that the observers' mission is to observe and report wrongdoing by thugs. But that is no excuse for violence against them.

It should not be difficult for the department to determine from the video which thugs did what. Then we will see whether the department is sincere in saying that these actions are unacceptable.

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US citizens: phone your congresscritter to call for ending Section 702 mass surveillance.

If you phone, please spread the word! Main Switchboard: +1-202-224-3121

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San Francisco political support data shows true alignment:

San Francisco (and much of the Bay Area) has a curious political idiosyncrasy where brand-name Republican candidates and issues get so little traction among voters so as to be considered irrelevant. Yet, many republican ideals and beliefs do receive substantial support from locals.

This dynamic causes practically republican organizations to outwardly re-code and re-brand as something -- anything -- other than GOP. Popular self-descriptions include Moderate or middle-of-the-road Democrat. However, this analysis is motivated by ignoring these pretenses and looking exclusively at indicated issue recommendations / endorsements, and understanding how similar vs. how different each political organization is acting (a behaviorist / empirical approach).

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Code of Matt: (My favorite is this one):

Street lighting in Paris, France was inadvertently turned off at midnight at the start of February 29th, according to reporting by Le Parisien, a French daily newspaper. The operator, Cielis, told the reporter that the problem was linked to a programming fault related to the leap day. It took several hours for lighting to be manually restored.

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*Revealed: at least 22 Californians have died while being held face down by [thugs], like George Floyd, since 2016.*

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Most Tory supporters endorse anti-Muslim hostility and disinformation.

Is Islam incompatible with the British way of life? The answer is "yes and no", just as for Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism.

Each major religion has different variants of belief, and Islam is no exception. Each has some extremist variants which are incompatible with tolerance and democracy. That includes Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

Each also has mainstream forms which are compatible with living in a tolerant and democratic society.

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Waymo can now charge for robotaxi rides in LA and on San Francisco freeways:

Last month, the CPUC's Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division suspended Waymo's application to expand its robotaxi service in Los Angeles and San Mateo counties for up to 120 days to provide extra time for review. [...] The five protests came from the city of South San Francisco, the county of San Mateo, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and the San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance.

Just brazenly saying the quiet part out loud, as usual:

"We will, as we did in San Francisco, expand our service before we start charging," she said. "And I mean, we sort of show up and you get to experience this for a couple of months or several months without paying. And then we have that moment of truth, which we went through in San Francisco, which is we start charging, and then we figure out how many people [have] really integrated it into their lives. What's the price point they're willing to pay?"

Let's not forget that these companies are still immune from prosecution when one of their remotely-operated drones commits a moving violation, up to and including a killing. And that Waymo's owner Google have stated in court filings that it is good for business if their competitors' cars kill more people.

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April Fools day is for losers, it's worse than Santacon, but Leap Day! Well. Nobody* noticed my hilarious Leap Day prank. For the last two days, March 1st was displayed on our calendar and flyers as Februrary 30th.

I realize this joke is extremely niche, but I expected at least that one of our promoters would be freaking out and my phone would be blowing up. But it didn't happen!

CALENDAR FACT! Did you know that the extra day in February is not the last day of the month? No! The exrra day is Feburary 24th, also known as Bissextus, the "Second Sixth". Prior to the 15th century, the last day of February was still the 28th, but the 24th happened twice. And honestly, I think we should still do it that way, just out of pure Chaos Monkey spirit.

Due to various youthful indiscretions, Calendrical Calculations has ended up being one of my Dream Jeopardy Categories. Ask me about Easter.**

Anyway, when I was hacking Ye Olde Webbe Syte to do this thing my first approach was to just wrap localtime and make it lie about mon and dotm but then I discovered that strftime was having none of those shenanigans and would just convert Feb 30 to Mar 1, so hey, good for you, little POSIX, for being resilient in the face of crap input. Totally unexpected!

Ok, to be fair, one person noticed. One person.
** Please do not ask me about Easter.

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You may have noticed that the DNA Lounge calendar pages have hyperlinks upon the artists' names, linking to their World Wide Web Home Pages. Over ten thousand of them.

Why? Why do I bother doing this? I think I'm going to stop.

Part of our event submission process is gathering those links, and automatically validating that they are not 404, and that has gotten much harder lately because most of the time the various Zuckerweb properties won't even let you check the existence of a URL without being logged in, let alone through an API.

"Just stop validating them and assume they are correct? They just copied and pasted, right?" You'd be surprised. The reason I added the validation is that it seems that half the time, they manually transcribe the URLs from a wet napkin written in crayon.

So why have the links at all? In the olden days, my thinking was, "Someone might click the link, learn more about the artist, and then decide to buy a ticket to the show. Commerce!"

I don't think anyone does that. I think I'm just driving traffic to billionaires for no reason. They sure don't reciprocate.

Everything is terrible.

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  1. Go full Lisa Frankenstein, e.g. 80s as understood by TikTok kids.
  2. Barbiemancer.
  3. Muppets.
  4. Jodorowsky's Dune's TRON.

I really think those are your only options.

I joked earlier that I hope Jared Leto is in the new Neuromancer, because the remake of The Crow only cast a Jared Leto Joker impersonator and that leaves so much barrel-bottom un-scraped. But I have been informed that Jared Leto is currently on the hook to ruin the new TRON movie, and we can only rely upon one man to ruin so much.

I assume they're just going to make it look like Altered Carbon, which is to say, a vision of the future that has remained unchanged from the racks of a mall Hot Topic in 1992.

Which is why the Lisa Frank version is my first choice: Neuromancer should be a period piece, because Cyberpunk is of the past, just as (even modern) industrial music is now properly retconned to be a subclass of "90s synthpop".

In any future cyberpunk media, I don't want to see New Rocks and vinyl tights. I will only accept fashions such as the following:

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Deborah Pickett:

Kazakhstan, which has not observed daylight saving for 20 years, is turning the clocks back at 0:00 on 1 March 2024, to 23:00 on leap day February 29 2024.

Definitely playing time zones on Hard Mode, Kazakhstan. Thanks for doing some QA on stacked edge cases for us all!


Right but it's not daylight savings, the change is permanent: Kazakhstan will change from using two time zones to observing only one time zone in the entire territory: UTC+5.

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LEGACY BUSINESS SAN FRANCISCO DNA Lounge THIS BUSINESS IS RECOGNIZED AS A SAN FRANCISCO LEGACY BUSINESS BY THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO Legacy Businesses are longstanding, community-serving establishments that have contributed to San Francisco's history and identity. These businesses foster civic engagement and serve as valuable cultural assets of the city. Preserving Legacy Businesses - the soul of the city - is critical to maintaining the unique character of San Francisco. Date Added to Registry: September 25, 2017 Established: November 22, 1985 No. 104We were awarded "Legacy Business" status back in 2017. Then in late 2019 they mailed us and said, "Hey, we're gonna give you a plaque if you want one." Do I want a plaque? Of course I want a plaque!

Well then COVID happened, and that unsurprisingly went on the city's back burner. For two years. (Yes, the plague postponed the plaque. Say that three times fast.) Then in August 2021, they told us they had lost our paperwork, and we re-submitted. In December 2021, I saw the first evidence of one of these plaques out in the real world! (It was business number 44.) No response about our number 104, though. Starting in May 2022, we started emailing them once a month. Hey, how's that plaque coming along? Any status update on the plaque? Hey got an ETA on that plaque? "Real soon now", they said each time.

"In October 2022, they said, "Before the end of the calendar year." In July 2023, they said. "You are soon to be scheduled for installation!" I said, "I own a drill. Can you just mail me the plaque?"

They said, "Ha ha ha no."

Well, at long last, five years later, here we are: "DNA Lounge, A Legitimate Salvage".

Last night someone said to me, "DNA must be one of the oldest nightclubs still around at this point, right? Like, every famous New York nightclub you've ever heard of closed before 2016."

I started listing some: "Nah, I mean there's Bimbo's..."

"But that's a concert venue, not a nightclub."

"Ok, but it was a dance club for like 50 years before it became that..."

Anyway, I don't think we're the oldest by any means, but the set of older venues is probably not huge. I don't feel like doing the research, so how about you do it for me? What venues do you know of that are still in business under the same name, and that opened in 1985 or earlier? Answer in the comments.

I do think the distinction between "nightclub" (regularly hosting dance parties) and "concert hall" (nearly-exclusively hosting live performances) is one worth making. But unlike most venues, we are both.

The name change is an important continuity-break, too, because it's not about the street address. Temple is not DV8; The Independent is not Justice League is not Kennel Club.

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Planet Debian upstream is hosted by Branchable.